The future of D2D in Outsourced Sales



COVID-19 has ‘fundamentally changed’ Ireland’s economic landscape, with GDP expected to fall by 10.5% this year as the country enters a ‘severe recession.” Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe. We are all wondering about the ripple effect of the current pandemic on the economy, certain in the knowledge that it will be felt for months if not years. As Account Director for one of our biggest Outsourced Sales contracts I am constantly asked how will Covid-19 impact the future of D2D in Outsourced Sales? My answer might surprise you, because it’s “positively”.


Clearly we need to make significant changes to our model, and we are constantly debating innovative ways to operate in the “new norm”. Our customers and our employees’ health are at the forefront of our thinking, and our approach to innovation is also driven by our responsibility to lead in our industry as Ireland’s largest field acquisition company. Our primary focus on health and wellbeing will drive change in our process, our use of technology and our use of PPE, something that has never been considered within the sales environment previously. Once again we will show our ability as a team to innovate.


D2D sales is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for an opportunity when times get tough. We are seeing huge changes in peoples buying habits with customer buying decisions focused ever more on value. Online purchasing works best when you understand what you want, but the value of live interaction with a trained salesperson has maintained an important role for the retail market. Depending on how this pandemic evolves it is highly possible that we will see retail shopping habits move towards home calls, which is where the value of D2D can really set the model apart. This is particularly the case in the complex telecoms market, and the induced necessity of home-working may well be the final proof point if one were needed of the value of high speed broadband.


Vodafone Ireland’s CEO Anne O’Leary observed that “connectivity has never been more important as we deal with the trials of the present and seek to build a path to a better future”, and the opportunity presented for D2D sales with SalesSense supported by the safety net of a Vodafone retail store that is never far away is a demonstration of how the future of D2D sales can evolve.


We also continue to evolve at SalesSense. Not only have we remodeled the way we interact with tomorrow’s customer, we have leveraged our integration technology to create continuity and agility throughout our supply chain. It’s what we always do but is now more important than ever.


Working in Outsourced Sales you would expect me to be positive – it is part of My SalesSense Way – but in spite of our fears about recession, our new normal need for connectivity in all its forms will be the key driver for the future of D2D sales.