Driving a safe path for your fleet in a post C19 world


As Ireland commences its phased return to work from 18th May,  we can look to how China began to ease some of its restrictions to get a glimpse of what effect lockdown has had on its population and what will be required for us in the post C19 world as we try to embed our “new normal”. As EHS/Fleet Manager for one of the largest private fleets in Ireland, like everybody else in the country I must learn how to steer our business through the Health & Safety challenges ahead.

At SalesSense we are approaching C19 like any other workplace hazard by applying the core principles of leadership, workforce involvement, regular assessment and strategic review in order to ensure the safety of our workers, customers and visitors alike. By early May many Chinese workers had returned to work with the presence of C19 still on their minds, particularly with the government driving awareness of a potential second wave of infection. The new normal involves continued social distancing, re-designed office layouts, reduced canteen capacities, enhanced visitor procedures and in many cases physical temperature checks before entering workplaces. We all need to approach these challenges with a can-do attitude and with confidence to navigate the path ahead. I am reminded of a quote from American novelist Louisa May Alcott who once said, ‘I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.’

Our return path to work began during lockdown with this time providing a valuable period to review current procedures and update accordingly. Regular Fleet and C19 updates have been supplied to drivers, including practical steps on how to look after themselves and their vehicles during this period of reduced driving activities. Quality is a key component of The SalesSense Way, and we took the discipline gained in achieving ISO 9001 certification in our Customer Engagement Centre in Dundalk and applied this methodology to how we are managing our safe return to work. As with all such standards, the key to success is a combination of robust processes and good communication.

I am really looking forward to how our fleet capability will fuse with new technologies to deliver improved Customer Experiences as we embark into this new future. We have invested significant time and resources in envisioning our new norm for our people and our customers. We have developed new processes, operational enhancements and new safety measures both from a physical and technological perspective, and these are ready to be put into play.

I wonder how our poets will record this period, and whether like Seamus Heaney they will inspire us with their vision. I take great comfort from his sentiment in the poem, The Cure at Troy: ‘Believe that a further shore is reachable from here’.

Stay Safe