ISO Quality Processes in a work from home world



For SalesSense, March 2020 has seen our Customer Engagement Centre teams en masse working remotely from home. Like everything, it came with pros and cons. No travel time (great!), no childproof home office when you have a live meeting with your client (not so great!). But what does this new way of working mean in terms of maintaining our ISO Quality Processes – how can we continue to meet our Governance Model in this locked-down world?


Over the years being ISO accredited has ensured our partners know they are working with a company that provides consistent qualitative and quantitative outcomes while continuing to help them build their businesses. ISO Quality Processes and Procedures are a core foundation of The SalesSense Way. From our location and facilities enabling us to recruit, train and retain the best talent to our technology and business acumen allowing us to attract new partners. From its inception our Quality Management System has supported a methodology of high-performance delivery. Strategic use of the interactive PDCA cycle (Plan/Do/Check/Analyse) has enabled continuous improvements across both SalesSense and Partner policies and processes.

A robust business continuity plan (BCP) is key to underpinning any business strategy in order to  withstand all eventualities. Would our failover to remote working be as smooth as designed?


While our regular trials had planned for a more phased approach, remotely testing our systems and processes while analysing the outputs to ensure that all policies and processes were adhered to correctly, once lockdown was confirmed we invoked BCP in its entirety. Having the infrastructure and hardware in place to allow for flexible working meant our teams simply signed for their laptops at the end of the day and logged in from the safety of their homes the following day. Throughout C19 we have successfully delivered with no downtime for our clients or their customers in those services which could be maintained with social distance. Importantly for our people, a stress-free seamless transition in terms of hardware and systems access allowing continuity without change to our day to day performance delivery. Governance, meetings and staff engagements continue as normal, albeit now through live stream. We remain focused on our goal of being the best, leading not following and knowing the value of what we’ve achieved.


So, while our locations may have splintered out to our kitchens and living rooms our SalesSense ideologies remain intact and unwavering. We appreciate our teams and ourselves and understand that this isn’t an easy time for anyone. Occasionally we just catch up to say “Hi” and ask how we are all doing. We continue to deliver a Quality Assured business even when babies cry, teenagers scream or dogs bark at the postman.