Never stop investing in your Future Leadership Team



One small positive from the last number of weeks has been some valuable time to reflect on where we all are in ourselves, and what we would like to achieve post-lockdown. I have always believed that personal development is a lifelong process of self-awareness, through which we set goals to maximise our potential. It’s a reason why learning and development is an integral part of The SalesSense Way.

At SalesSense we are proud that 90% of our Management Team has been promoted from within. Learning and development is a driving force that ensures everyone can avail of our internal programmes and online resources, such as our ‘High Performance, High Potential’ (HPHP) programme, which is an example of this passion for self-improvement. A 4-day programme that runs on Saturdays, HPHP delivers on an ambition to develop those skills necessary for leadership roles. It is continuously oversubscribed which we see as a positive indicator for a passion for ongoing learning in the organisation. The programme allows SalesSense to identify and develop our future leaders, and succession planning is a key factor in any rapidly growing organisation.

At SalesSense we are committed to providing both personal and professional development for all our employees. Through the SalesSense Way we have established a company culture that nurtures and develops talent. We have created a three tier Management Development Programme that covers skills from motivation, leadership and coaching to more nuanced programmes that help our future leaders to understand Emotional Intelligence, progressing to another flagship programme we call ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’.  Of course not all career steps necessitate a promotion, so we also actively encourage our colleagues to consider a change of role as it helps to broaden experience and ultimately plays an important role on their career journeys. More recently I was both delighted and proud that SalesSense became a  founding partner of LIFT Ireland, and now incorporates the LIFT leadership themes into our training programmes, so our people can not only live our values but extend these into their home and work lives.

Just like everything in this world, reaching your greatest potential takes hard work and dedication. By ensuring every colleague has access to rich Learning and Development opportunities from day one, we ensure that our teams are as skilled as they can be. Our programmes are designed for individual growth and business development in a way that reflects the real working environment. At SalesSense we see how this creates a domino effect; leaders feel competent; they effectively influence employee performance; happy and skilled team members create job satisfaction; this builds commitment and thus staff retention. Ultimately workforce improvement and engagement impacts the success of the whole organisation.

The importance of investing in learning and development for your team members, both new and experienced, really cannot be overemphasised. Now more so than ever.