What exactly is The SalesSense Way



To strengthen our internal communications during recent weeks we launched a new intranet site. When it went live Rebecca, our newest addition to the recruitment team, asked me a simple question: “What exactly is The SalesSense Way?” At first, I found myself struggling to answer. Instinctively I knew that The SalesSense Way is not just confined to a website, or to a document or poster on the wall. I also knew that it is something that is embedded in our culture, a shared ethos that defines everything from our values and beliefs to our operating philosophy.  But how to explain that to Rebecca? What followed was a very interesting conversation…


To begin with I was sure that after 5 months Rebecca would have already experienced The SalesSense Way for herself, so I asked her what her thoughts were? She recalled the big welcome from the COO on her first day and the wave of support  from her new team. I recalled my first role in the company as a Recruitment Specialist in the Energy team in 2014, and how Simon Brown had welcomed me. Next, she talked about the strong sense of camaraderie, especially the over the top birthday celebrations in the canteen! That made me smile, because that’s one of the things I’ve been missing most these past few months. Finally, she talked about how the whole company celebrates our successes from the detailed CEO weekly updates to the crazy high fives around the office: “It’s unlike any place I have  ever worked before!” At that point I realised Rebecca had already figured it out.


“You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.” Zig Ziglar. As an experienced recruiter I often get asked what sets great employers apart, what makes them  different?  For me the output of good recruitment teams is how they attract, develop and retain their people, but what sets them apart is how intrinsically linked their recruitment and company strategies truly are. As businesses grow, the strategic responsibility of the recruitment teams grow. They must find people who share the company’s attitude, core values and desire to be the best. Often this comes down to how well these ambitions are communicated, and the great companies place recruitment communication at the very core of their communications plan.


At SalesSense we recruit for attitude and train for success. This begins at the very first interview, is cemented through the onboarding process and maintained and enhanced through ongoing personal development and great internal communications. We believe that our people are our single biggest differentiator because they care enough to go the extra mile, are not afraid to blaze new trails, to discover new opportunities and to keep pushing until they get the formula right. As Head of Recruitment I sit on the SalesSense Communications Team, and one of my responsibilities is to constantly ensure that everyone in every department understands our business direction and feels very connected to our goals. Rebecca has been a great addition to our team because from day one she has been willing to put her heart and soul into delivering for our clients. And that, I suppose, is the best explanation of The SalesSense Way.