When improvement is not only Continuous but also Sustainable


This week, as perhaps the new normal starts to recede ever so slightly to just the normal, I have been reflecting on how well we have weathered the storm. Some areas have undoubtedly suffered but others have thrived through a steely determination to survive and grow. Continuous improvement is always at the heart of what we do. It’s a core value. So during recent months we have been investing heavily in our knowledge and application of our sustainability goals, so vital to building and maintaining  our relationships with our customers.


At SalesSense we are proud to be a market leader in outsourced sales and services activities. We work closely with several key Energy providers. It is vital that we understand our customers’ customers, and in this regard, we are fully aware of the importance of sustainability. We strive to embed it as a critical part of our continuous improvement programme and to ensure that our agents and reps are fully educated, so that we can fulfil our obligations. In April we enrolled 71 colleagues in the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) Energy Academy – a new online training resource.  Our ambition was that those involved would complete courses covering a wide range of important sustainability topics, such as Business  Energy Efficiency and Energy and the Environment. SEAI works with all energy users across Ireland from homeowners to large industry helping them to change how they think about, use and generate energy. The SEAI Energy Academy helps businesses save energy and lower costs which can in turn help grow a business.


As a key partner to the leading Energy providers in Ireland, SalesSense instinctively understands and relates to SEAI’s goal of sustainable energy. We are really proud that our teams have undertaken these programmes, especially with the challenges of doing so remotely, and between the 71 colleagues can now boast a total of 115 individual certificates of accreditation from the SEAI Energy Academy. They have exceeded our own very high standards and truly displayed our core values of “Teamwork Inspiring Excellence”.


Having secured these accreditations, the teams are now involved in reassessing how we work with a view to enhancing our sustainability for the benefit of our customers. As we transition the assessment phase into a more sustainable business as usual, we are confident that the quality of service that we provide will continue to grow. On a personal note this whole journey has been really rewarding, as I evolved from an advocate to a mentor. I am better placed to weather future storms that might come my way.