Professional Services ESG classification for SalesSense


Planet Arborist recently completed an ESG (Environmental Social Governance) classification of the professional services company SalesSense International which operates in Ireland, UK and USA. SalesSense uses data driven insights to ensure speed of response to changes in the market, drive customer retention, and maintain competitive advantage. SalesSense has people at the heart of everything they do (Employer of the Year 2020 in Ireland’s Generation Apprenticeship) and a strong focus on diversity, all while making great strides and taking leadership in sustainability where they have participated and developed case studies with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland).

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A note from John Creaton, CEO of Planet Arborist:

“Very pleased to announce the first classification of a professional services company by Planet Arborist. SalesSense International is a company that takes social inclusion, diversity and sustainability to heart while growing a client and people focused company in US, UK and Ireland. It has been a pleasure working with Gerard Teahon and Dave Lowe and we wish them continuing success as they grow their operation”.

A note from Planet Arborist:

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