SalesSense Achieves ISO 27001 Accreditation


While everyone was eating tins of roses for breakfast and watching Home Alone for the 67th time, SalesSense were having an ISO 27001 second stage audit two days before Christmas.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international accreditation for companies who are implementing best practice in regards information security. Achieving this rigorous standard means a company is in a very strong position when it comes to counteracting threats such as personal data breaches, cybercrime, GDPR compliance, fire/damage, vandalism and viral attacks. For clients and potential clients like you, having an esteemed independent international body evaluating and accrediting SalesSense for information security, will give you peace of mind that your customers information is protected to the very highest of standards.

How SalesSense achieved ISO 27001?

SalesSense\’s ongoing focus and meticulous attention to detail, that the team have committed to over the years led to the creation of a robust network and strong security policies, essential elements in achieving ISO 27001. Cancellations and unforeseeable events during unforeseeable times made sure we had a nervous run up to our Christmas holidays; however, everything went smoothly.

With contributions over the 2-day audit from SalesSense’s COO and Head of HR, SalesSense showed we were going for the ISO 27001 for the right reasons and were not treating it as a tick-box exercise, illustrating that the programme was bought into, from the top down. Backing from our CEO and CFO ensured the IT department had the right resources, equipment, and support to ensure success in obtaining certification.


How will ISO 27001 benefit our clients?

\”Being ISO 27001 certified will ensure a confidence and a peace of mind in that the services we provide are secure and that there is an infrastructure in place within SalesSense which will consistently meet and go above the clients’ security requirements.

The annual maintenance and audits of the ISO standard ensures that our processes and quality move with the times and are constantly evolving. ISO 27001 is internationally recognised and puts SalesSense’s technologies, processes, and procedures on a par with some of the biggest companies in the world.\”

Paddy Cumiskey, Head of Technology, SalesSense

What was the process involved in achieving ISO 27001 accreditation?

“It was a pleasure working with Sales Sense over the past year. ISO Management Systems only work when they are driven from the top down and have the full support of senior management.

The support received from the CEO and COO during the implementation of the project was unsurpassed and all resources in the form of people, infrastructure and finance were made available. cycle and going forward all systems would be audited at the same time each year.

In planning our certification, we ensured that our audit fell in line with our current ISO 9001 & 14001 audit SalesSense achieved ISO Certification a few days before Christmas 2021, which was a great way to celebrate the end of the year”

Noel Gernon, ISO Standards Consultant



What the attainment of ISO 27001 certification means to SalesSense?

“As a team and a Brand, everything we do is based on delivery to the highest of standards: every engagement with every customer, our partnerships with businesses passionate about quality and efficiency, our people and our processes.

We continue to build our reputation and future proof our capabilities. It is a huge tribute to our data and systems teams that our existing approach to data, integrity, security and processes sailed straight through the ISO accreditation process.

I firmly believe that best in class data and technology is the foundation from which our exceptional people build from.”

Simon Brown Chief Operating Officer, SalesSense